Like many other EVE players, I have more than one account.  A couple of my favorite blogs to read ( Merchant Monarcchy and Markets for Isk) both do character summaries at fairly regular intervals, so I figured I would as well.

Account 1
1st Pilot
Combat Pilot – Lives in NPC 0.0.
20,861,478 skillpoints

This pilot is my main. He has a mix of PvP and PvE skills. In the past, he primarily flew Caldari ships in PvE.

I’m working to cross-train him over to guns and work to expand the number of ships that he can fly in fleets. I have recently added the tech 1 logi ships. I want to continue expanding the list.


Pilot 2
This pilot does nothing but purchase items at Jita sell prices to ship to characters at other hubs.
65,543 skillpoints.

At this point, I don’t have future plans for this character. I may at some point work some trade skills up to attempt to trade rare items out of Jita, but I’m hesitant to trade out of Jita because I’m afraid it would increase the amount of time I spend each day trading.

Pilot 3
This slot is currently not is use.

Account 2

Pilot 1

This character is my Amarr trader.
7,379,000 skillpoints
This character has pretty good trading skills. Accounts, broker relations, retail and wholesale are all at V. Trade, marketing, margin trading and daytrading are all at IV. Contracting is at III. This pilot also has Caldari Industrial V.

I plan to train this character to fly a freighter with a long term goal of a jump freighter.


Pilot 2

I am training this character to be a manufacturing character. I currently do some minor manufacturing, but it is currently fairly small scale due to capital issues.  I typically make ammo or POS fuel.
7,467,000 skillpoints
Material Efficiency and Mass Production are both at V. Advanced Mass Production is at IV. Industry is at IV but currently training to V.
This character is currently training using a PLEX to allow multiple characters on an account to train.

Future plans for this character include planetary interaction skills and skills to move towards tech II manufacturing.


Pilot 3
Currently Empty

Account 3

Pilot 1

This is my Dodixie trader.
2,440,301 skillpoints

Accounting, broker relations and retail are all at V. Trade is a IV. Margin Trading is III and contracting is at II.

Future plans include planetary interaction skills as well as improving trading skills.


Pilot 2

This is my research character. This is an area that I have just started working with and I still have plenty to learn. All research is done in a corporation POS.

2,006,000 skillpoints

Research, science and laboratory operation are all at V. I need to start training Metallurgy and advanced Laboratory operation ASAP. This character was originally created to fly a Noctis so it has those skills as well.

Future plans for this character include planetary interaction and the improvement of science skills.

This character is also using a PLEX to train.


Pilot 3

Currently not in use.

That is the quick and dirty list of all my current characters. At this point, I have not touched PI at all, but I am working to get each character the basics either to make a little passive ISK or at least help a little bit with the cost of POS fuel. I also want to eventually train a character to put in either Hek or Rens to expand my trading locations.