Weekend Lull

Ironically, I seem to get less time to play EVE during the weekend due to RL commitments.  Since a lot of my profits are still linked directly to the time I spend updating orders, my profits suffer mightily during the weekends.  

A majority of my trading playing this weekend was spent by purchasing around 6 billion isk worth of goods from Jita to sell in Amarr and Dodixie.

I must discover ways to shave time off of both the purchasing and selling of goods.  I’m pretty sure that I could make buying goods more efficient by better use of the quickbar.  In regards to selling items, I have tried several methods, but none of them are really producing the results that I am looking for.  I have tried some of the higher profit value/lower volume items, but the issue is that there is still competition and since the item moves slower I tend to get stuck with these items for long periods of time.  Obviously the higher volume items have higher competition.  Perhaps I need to consider moving my operations to some of the smaller hubs.