First Post

Hello World!

I have played EVE on and off (mostly off) for several years.  There is something about the game that always seems to draw me back into its world.  I think a decent chunk of my draw is that despite being set in space, in a lot of ways it’s the most realistic MMO out there.  There is no magical bank that you can use and access anywhere in the Universe.  If you put something in a station, it’s there until you either move it yourself or pay someone to remove it.

I would like this blog to primarily be about the market and industry.  In the big picture, I am currently a small time inter-regional trader.  I started back in mid-January and I have made somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 billion in profits since then.  I mostly make my isk by buying things in Jita and selling them in the other trade hubs.  I have been making a moderate amount of isk by doing this, but I would like to find ways to earn isk and not have to update orders quite as often.

I started a corporation with several real life friends and we have thrown up a research POS to try and learn that aspect of the game.  The tower is definitely not paying for itself, but we have just had it up a couple weeks and haven’t started utilizing it to full capacity yet.

My “main” is in a 0.0 Alliance based out of NPC null.  All of my other characters are in high-sec trying to either make myself or our corporation isk.

I hope to use this blog to educate others as well as learn new things to help me improve my own game play.




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